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S & S Party Basics

Meet & Greets:


For Meet & Greets held at bars, guests must understand that liquor laws prohibit most bars from excluding other guests. The exception to this would be if the entire bar is rented by S & S for the evening, which of course would make your donation cost prohibitive. S&S will almost always, however, be renting the VIP area of the bar which excludes non-invited/paying guests, enforced by security.


An S&S bracelet will be issued at the time of your donation which will grant you entry to the VIP area reserved by us, and whatever additional accoutrements are offered, such as drink specials, Party Room, and hotel discounts. 


The S&S bracelet does NOT, however give anyone license to disobey any venue rules or PA laws, such as public indecency. For this reason, we will usually hold Meet & Greets at a hotel bar or within reasonable distance of a hotel in order to accomodate the whole reason we are here - to meet like-minded friends and take those friendships into the bedroom.


Please note that hotel amenities (pool, sauna, fitness room, etc) are available ONLY to those who book a room as a hotel guest. Otherwise, those who attend an event without booking a room are welcome to amenities offered by the bar and/or event host only - such as drink specials, VIP lounge, etc.


While some Meet & Greets will be held at hotels, it is important to note that they are NOT Hotel Takeovers, and hotel guests must be respected.  Most venues will do their best to keep those who book rooms in the same vicinity, always be respectful of the fact that there may be other guests in the area. 


We value the business relationships we have made with vendors who are willing to help us host events and offer exclusive features or amenities to our guests and wish to continue these relationships in order to make YOUR experience safe, friendly and fun.


House Parties :

Plenty of parking available; secluded rural area. Weather permitting, we will have a campfire going on the side of the house. Inside the house there is a small bar where we will feature light refreshments and drink mixers. We will mark your alcohol if requested, occasionally we will have a bartender on duty. Most house parties now host a professional DJ for your entertainment. 


There will be at least 4-5 private play rooms plus open play in the living room or where ever you are comfortable. 


Play Rooms will be clearly marked. All playrooms will be "equipped" with a few condoms, lady wipes, tissues, mints and gum. - There will be NO PLAYING in select bedrooms. Signs will be posted, please respect this. - There are three bathrooms for cleaning up. Feel free to email us with any questions


If you need to stay over - there is plenty of room for tenting on the property, weather permitting. Please inquire regarding indoor space for sleeping as some sleep areas are reserved early on. Local hotels can be found here, and Uber is available in the area.


Please follow standard swinger etiquette:


- Be friendly to others. We discourage "clique-y" behavior.


- While many of us are friends, we are open to meeting new people and encourage everyone to mingle.


- Always ask permission - No means no - dont be pushy- everyone has different tastes and we look out for our guests!


- Look out for one another - no drinking and driving! There is plenty of room to sleep it off here or tent on the property.



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