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Single Guy's Guide to the Lifestyle

Introducing a single guy into the lifestyle is complicated but not impossible.

Not all couples or even singles are into single guys, therefore they get excluded from a lot of parties. We do allow single guys, but they have to meet certain criteria. Because Im a nice person, Ill tell you what that is so you can work on it.

1. You must be a paid member on SLS (or whatever Swing site)

2. It helps to have a thorough profile. Tell more about yourself than just the hardcore sex stuff, but without revealing personal information (like where you work, etc) The more pictures the better. In other words, market yourself. Make yourself attractive - and not just the looks thing. Personality scores higher points in most cases.

3. You must have at least 3 certs - preferably from someone we know. This is a bit of a catch 22 because you usually get certs from people you meet at parties, but most parties dont allow single guys. The best way to build up your certs is to go to Meet and Greets, be nice, respectful - ALWAYS approach the husband first or the couple together - NEVER try to get the wife alone or away from her husband. (there is a fetish exception to this, not going into it here)

4. If you have fewer than 5 certs, we will choose guys we know to come to parties first. A little secret - if you hook up with someone on sls, cert them first, they may just cert in return. (Though we encourage people to NEVER cert unless you're certain - that youre willing to vouch for some one whether it be a single guy, couple, or whomever.

That is the DL on "how to successfully swing as a single guy". Of course there are plenty of men who find other ways, but once you 'get in' (are trusted) in certain groups, you will have a much easier time moving aroud if you wish to do so.


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